Factoring and small business

Factoring and small business

In today's rapidly changing environment, management of nonprofit organizations requires a variety of skill sets to successfully navigate challenging organizations.

The basic objectives of the Café are to assist NGOs in enhancing and improving their programmes and activities; to effect a better understanding of NGOs in general; and to enable NGOs to network at local, regional and international levels.

Alternative marketing strategies" are low cost ways to target specific neighborhoods, age groups, ethnic communities, and/or low literacy families with special cancer messages. Such strategies include the use of low cost flyers, posters, payroll stuffers, and program announcements scattered throughout a community to deliver a message. Ideally, these alternative strategies can also be used to complement traditional media efforts.

When distributing a marketing piece always remember to focus the content of your message and where it will placed on the characteristics of the community you want to reach. In NALIC that community is rural, older, and medically underserved. In order to reach those families,

As the programmes and projects of NGOs expand, the need for money to run their operations becomes all the more critical. Much of this comes from third party funding organizations, either in the country where the NGO operates, or in OECD countries that assist projects in developing countries.

Resources for Mobilizing Funding for Development Projects
• Small Grants Program,
• Social Development Department,
• World Bank
• International Youth Foundation,
• Baltimore,
• Maryland USA


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